scrap car removal

scrap car removal service

We offer free scrap car removal and pay top cash for your junk vehicles .


Steps on Getting your Car scrapped.

  1. Call us for a quotation, then we will give you an offer.
  2. If you like our offer, then set up an appointment by giving your name, address and phone number.
  3. Our tow truck will come to your door, pay you cash, and sign some necessary documentation.
  4. Then our driver tow away your car and live a smile on you by clearing your driveway and leaves some extra cash for your pocket. That Easy!

Processing your scrap car after it was removed.

Once your vehicle was removed from your driveway, it will be transported to a designated recycling facility where it will get processed.

  • The cars will go though initial inspection to make sure there is  no dangerous goods left inside the trunk or in the cabin.
  • Tires, fluid, batter and any other HAZMAT (Hazardous Material ) will be removed from the Vehicle.
  • Then the junk cars will sent to crashing and shredding machine,  where it will get shredded into pieces as small as 2 square inch.

Physical condition of your scrap car

The word scrap would probably be enough to explain the nature of your car. It does't have be in running condition or have tires to be illegible for our recycling program. We can accept it regardless of the condition, tires, missing parts or rust.

We accept scrap cars from:

  • Private owners, Businesses , organization
  • Building and property managers
  • Visitors from out of province whose vehicle won't pass the provincial inspection or is not worth fixing.
  • Car owners with USA license plate / ownership title.