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scrap car removal Service

We provide one of the best scrap car removal Service in Vancouver BC.

We are a BC company offering the best scrap car removal service in the Greater Vancouver area.
We have been in scrap car business for many years.
We also pay top cash for your scrap and do a free, car removal.

Highlights :

scrap car removal: Exclusive scrap car removal;Exclusive
Most Scrap Car Removal companies are the towing companies, which part of their revenue comes from towing service they offer, and part of it comes from scrap car removal service. On the contrary, our service is exclusively in the field of scrap car removal, and we don't offer public towing service. Since we are only in Scrap Car Removal business, We value our clients who like selling their scrap car for cash more then anyone else, because they are our only customers.

 scrap car removal: Swift Service scrap car removal;Swift Service
We work seven days a week to meet the demand of our clients who is in need of scrap car removal service.
We start our scrap removal job from the very early hours of the morning to the late hours of night.
we hate to say its too early for scrap removal or its too late for removal service.
As long as our time is not booked for another scrap car removal service, we would be glad to accept any pickup hours that our client preffer.
Most of our scrap car competitors are avoiding trafic jams and rash hours, and gives you plenty of excuses that they can not remove scrap cars in sertain times of the day.
At scrapmycars.com, we give our clients the right to chose whichever time they preffer. Most of the time we do a car removal withen an hour or the same day , but the very odd times its done the next day.

 scrap car removal: Customer Promise scrap car removal;Customer Promise
For example when we say ,$200 for your 1992 scrap Chevy Cavalier, thats is written in stone and wer are behind our words. We don't change our scrap removal quote when we get to your driveway and saw your car is in a very bad shape or missing some electric parts. Even if we make no money on your scrap cars, we still don't change our quoting price and we are gladly behind our words.

scrap car removal, scrap: Returning Customers scrap car removal;Returning Customers
while Doing a free scrap car removal service, we leave smiles on every one of our customers face by offering them the best service and best price, They keep this well job done in the back of their head and when they have other scrap car, or their relatives or friends may have one, they always give us a call and reminds us of having a previous business in scrap car removal service.

scrap car removal; No tires:
So your junk cars have no tires?
No problem we can can remove your car even if they don't have any wheels on them.
The value of scrap car without tire is a little lower then the car with tires.

scrap car removal; No Registration paper?
no problem! We can still remove it. We understand that a car may have been sitting for years in someones backyard or driveway and the registration paper may have been lost or the owener of the vehicle may not be present.
This is not a rare case for us , We deal with this kinds of situation every week.
Sometimes our customers find a car abondoned for years and their relative call us and ask for a free scrap car removal service.
We remove their junk cars for free, because thats our job as a scrap car removal company. Rubbish removal service is not the same or as easy as scrap car removal service. When your junk is removed, you pay. When your junk car is removed, We pay you.

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Our Service Area

scrap car removal; benefits

You can take advantage of our swift scrap car removal service by calling us or contacting us
We are open 7 days a week
from 6am - 8am

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